2015-2016 Catalog and Handbook 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2015-2016 Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Events & Student Life

Campus Events


26 Casino Night (6pm-8pm)


14 Diversity Fair (9am-3pm)
23 Southeast Tech 5k Run/Walk
26 SGA Spring Picnic (11am-3pm)


3 Back to School Bash (7pm-11pm)
10 SGA Fall Picnic (11am-3pm) 
17 Constitution Day Activities


30 Blue Boo (4:30pm-6:30pm)


10 Talent Show (5:30pm-8:30pm)

Student Government Association (SGA)

Southeast Technical Institute’s Student Government Association (SGA)  serves as the student voice on campus and strives to make Southeast Tech a more enjoyable place to learn and attend classes. By becoming a member of SGA, you receive several opportunities to participate in committee work based on individual interest and a wide range of campus and community activities. SGA activities during the year include Fall and Spring picnics, Talent Show, Casino Night and several other campus and community service events. Representatives who serve on Student Government are selected from every program area. In total, about 70 students serve the campus through Student Government with 9 members serving as the Executive Board.

 Student Organizations

Campus student organizations enhance the education offered in classes with competitions, guest speakers, tours, and other forms of learning. Approved student organizations are linked to a particular program area and are those whose purpose complement the mission of Southeast Tech and further enhance the program’s educational goals. Approved organizations may use the school name as part of the organizational title and are allowed to promote their organization on campus. For complete information, contact the Student Activities Coordinator in the Student Success Center.

  • South Dakota Advertising Federation (SDAF): SDAF  is a college-level chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Art. Through this organization, students have the opportunity to learn more about graphic art from professionals in the field, as well as through quarterly newsletters, monthly meetings, and field trips. Students have opportunities for leadership, organization, communication and scholarship as they learn new ways to use their business, marketing, or graphic communications skills. SDAF membership is open to any student at Southeast Tech who is interested in learning more about graphic art.
  • Animation Technology Artisans (ATA) Student Organization: The purpose of ATA is to encourage Digital Media Production students at Southeast Tech to join together in the organization for the purpose of maintaining the identity and quality of ATA students and providing the continuing educational development, improvement and expansion of the ATA program and profession for the betterment of the motion graphics and animation industry. The organization will strive to encourage camaraderie between students and provide a means to interact with local and regional professionals.

  • AITP is designed for students planning careers in information systems or related fields. AITP  is dedicated to using the synergy of information technology partnerships to provide education and benefits to its members. The organization also works with industry to assist in the overall promotion and direction of information technology. AITP Student Chapter members have the opportunity to attend monthly meetings with professionals in the community who work in information technology fields. They enjoy personal growth, professional development, and they gain knowledge of the industry.
  • Civil Engineering Technology Student Organization: The Civil Engineering Technology Student Organization was formed to promote the personal, ethical, educational, professional development and responsibilities of the Southeast Tech Civil Engineering students. These objectives are developed through student organized, student developed and student run meetings. In addition to regular meetings, guest speakers from the civil engineering community are invited to speak to the group each month. Student projects are encouraged such as campus development projects or local non-profit survey projects for community development such as city and campus park improvements, layout of ball fields, layout of golf courses, etc.

  • Construction Management Student Organization: This organization  was formed to promote the personal, ethical, educational and professional development responsibilities of the Southeast Tech Construction Management students. These objectives are developed through student organized, student developed and student run meetings. In addition to regular meetings, guest speakers from the construction community are invited to speak to the group each month. One of the highest priorities is promoting industry involvement.
  • Dakota Turf/Golf Course – Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA): Students enrolled in Sports Turf Management at Southeast Tech are destined to be employed in the sports industry on golf courses, football fields, and other recreational playing fields. Members of GCSAA  will benefit from additional exposure to professionals in the industry as they see practical applications of their skills.
  • Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (ENDT) Student Organization: The Electroneurodiagnostic Technology (ENDT) Student Organization  provides the opportunity for any enrolled student to become a member. Students have the ability to increase their knowledge base from speakers, field trips, and professional, educational ENDT events and seminars. The organization strives to encourage camaraderie between students and provides a means to interact with local and regional professionals. The organization references the American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists, Inc (ASET).
  • Professional Landcare Network (PLANET): This is a Professional Landcare Network (PLANET)  ideal for landscape/horticulture/turf students. A national seminar in Louisville and a competition/job placement fair is held on a rotating basis for members of PLANET. Participants mesh with industry representatives which may lead to job or internship placement. On a local level, students participate in field trips, community service, and team building activities.
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME): The Society of Manufacturing Engineers was formed to promote interaction between the students in the industrial programs and professionals in the manufacturing fields. In addition to regular meetings, tours for members are arranged to allow students to see how their training is put into action in the real world. This also opens up the opportunity for students to make contacts with engineers and employers in the area. Throughout the year, members of SME are involved with projects that benefit the chapter, the campus, and the community.
  • SkillsUSA: This is the professional club for students in trade, industrial, and health occupations. Membership in SkillsUSA offers students opportunities to participate in activities as well as to compete in their vocational area at the local, state, and national Skill Olympics. There are also competitions in speaking, job interviewing, and job demonstration skills.
  • Nuclear Medicine Student Organization: The Nuclear Medicine Student Organization maintains an active advocacy program to promote and encourage research and the advancement of nuclear medicine science and produces a number of programs to help physicians, technologists, and students remain current with the latest advances. By monies that come from fund raising events, students attend the Missouri Chapter meeting held once a year. This meeting has been held in places such as St. Louis, Missouri; Iowa City, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska. Students will not only see how their training is related to the real world, but will also have contact with possible job opportunities in their field.
  • Southeast Tech Student HVAC Association: The Southeast Tech Student HVAC Association is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life through the advancement of technology related to heating, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation. The Southeast Tech student chapter provides students continuing educational opportunities, including monthly meetings with demonstrations from professionals in the HVAC field.
  • Student Chapter of the Sioux Falls Home Builder’s Association (SFHBA): The Student Chapter of SFHBA is an organization of students studying to work in the construction industry in the areas of architectural, engineering, or construction technologies. Members of this organization interact with the Sioux Falls Home Builder’s Association Chapter by participating in their activities throughout the year. These activities include events such as Habitat for Humanity, the Sioux Empire Home Show, and the Sioux Falls Parade of Homes. Members may also receive scholarships from SFHBA.
  • Student Practical Nurses Association: The Southeast Tech Student Practical Nurses Association was formed to protect the practice and education of practical nurses and to promote the LPN as an important member of the health care team. All LPN students will be encouraged to participate in the student organization and to contribute and grow through professional development activities. These activities will include continuing educational opportunities through SkillsUSA, and professional speakers and workshops provided by the South Dakota Practical Nurses Association annual convention.
  • Law Enforcement Sciences Student Organization: The Southeast Tech LE Student Association serves to advance the student’s knowledge of the law enforcement profession outside of the classroom and as a resource to bring together students and faculty in order to promote the advancement of the Law Enforcement Science Program. It promotes networking and interaction with law enforcement agencies to further the student’s understanding and knowledge of the legal system. Students will set and enhance professional and ethical standards of the program, reach out to the community through public service and promote camaraderie and friendship within the program.
  • Early Childhood Student Organization: The purpose of the Early Childhood Student Organization  is to serve as a student affiliate organization for the Siouxland Association for the Education of Young Children, the local chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC and its South Dakota chapters are dedicated to serving and acting on behalf of the needs, rights, and well-being of all young children with the primary focus on the provision of quality care, education, and developmental services.

Student Clubs

Student Clubs at Southeast Tech allow students to get involved on  campus and to get linked with other students who have similar interests. While at Southeast Tech, plan to participate in one or more of these special interest clubs. You can even start your own! Approved student clubs may reserve space on campus and are allowed to promote their club through several means of advertising. For complete information, contact the Student Activities Coordinator in the Student Success Center. Please Note: These clubs are ran by current students and may or may not be available or active every semester due to interest.
  • Art Club: The Art Club at Southeast Tech provides a venue for students to participate in open drawing/craft nights and have the opportunity to display their work in the Student Success Center.  
  • Campus Crusades for Christ (CRU): Cru  is an interdenominational evangelical Christian organization. This club is a student-led movement which seeks to introduce students to Christ, help them grow in their faith, encourage them to passionately live life in a manner consistent with belief in the God of the Bible, and inspire commitment in advancing the purposes of God in the world.
  • Fitness Club: The Fitness Club at Southeast Tech serves to provide activities and educational events for students to focus on their health, fitness and overall well-being. Students can participate in varied fitness activities offered throughout the year such as walking, running and Zumba.
  • Gaming Club: The Southeast Tech Gaming Club provides a venue for students to network with other students who employ similar interests in the world of gaming. Students have the opportunity to take part in open gaming nights where a wide range of games are played such as video, card, computer, board and/or other games.
  • Horticulture Club: The Horticulture Club at Southeast Tech is a student-led club that gives students the opportunity to engage and learn more about plants, the environment, and our impact on them. It also provides students an avenue to participate in hands-on campus and community activities.
  • Photography Club: The Southeast Tech Photography Club provides students an opportunity to learn more about the art of photography by means of taking photos, Photoshop, editing, etc. Students can enter their photos in monthly photo contests and display their work in the Student Success Center.
  • International Soccer Club: The Southeast Tech International Soccer Club promotes the sport of soccer and student life at Southeast Tech. This club organizes weekly open soccer nights where members and potential members can recreate in the sport, promote diversity among members and non-members, and provide and promote leisure as a vital aspect of academic and professional growth.
  • Swing Dance Club: The Swing Dance Club at Southeast Tech provides a venue for students to learn how to perform multiple styles of dance such as swing and line dance. The club meets weekly and works together to learn new dances and choreography.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club: The Ultimate Frisbee Club is an athletic club aimed to link students together who enjoy the outdoors and playing Ultimate Frisbee. This sport is played in the backyard of the Southeast Tech Housing Complex.
  • Veterans Club: The Veterans Club at Southeast Tech provides support to military veterans, spouses, and dependents through the education process. It also promotes awareness of Veterans’ needs to Southeast Tech and the community. Students meet bi-monthly and participate in various campus and community events.

Intramural Sports

The Student Activities Coordinator works with students to coordinate numerous intramural sports. Students participate in intramural volleyball, basketball, and bowling, and use city and school district facilities for their activities. Recreational programs are supported by student activity fees paid upon registration and are open to all students.

Student Activities

A portion of enrollment fees is collected for student activities. The Student Activities Coordinator works with students to arrange entertainment on and off campus. Campus life wouldn’t be complete without activities to share with others while enrolled at Southeast Tech. For that reason, a variety of activities are held on campus for all students. Some activities in the past have included: Campus wide picnics, Casino Night, Talent Shows, free entertainment, speakers, informational/education seminars, etc. Graduation is one of Southeast Tech’s biggest event of the year with a school-wide open house before commencement exercises.

Sports Leagues in Sioux Falls

Interested in intramurals or sports not offered on campus? Sioux Falls has tons of activities and leagues that our students can get involved in. Check out our Community Extra-curricular activities brochure  for more information and to get signed up for these activities.

Contests for Students

Contests and activities which are sponsored by outside agencies and which involve participation by students or granting of awards or prizes to students shall not be announced or permitted on the campus unless approved by the President or designee. Such activities must be deemed to have educational value for the participants before permission may be granted. Contests must not place an undue burden on students or staff.