2017-2018 Catalog and Handbook 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2017-2018 Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CET 120 - Survey II- Topo

4 Credit Hours

Survey II is a surveying course in traversing and topography. Traverse analysis will be computed on spreadsheets, computed by software, drawn and annotated in CAD. Mapchecks will be performed along with computer generated adjustment files. Topographic maps will be drawn in CAD with topographic data, contouring, alignments and profiles. CAD drawings will be produced using “data controllers” for collecting the data using “feature codes”, “figures and lines” and “description keys” to aid the drawing. Robotic Total Stations, Data Controllers/Collectors and Digital Levels will be introduced to the science of surveying. Students will capstone the course by mapping a portion of the campus using Civil-3D software. Students will produce a “.fbk” file of figures and lines, use digital levels on control points and traverse as described above.

Prerequisites: CET 110 , CAD 120  
Corequisites: CET 123  


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