2017-2018 Catalog and Handbook 
    Jun 21, 2024  
2017-2018 Catalog and Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What are our students saying about Southeast Tech?

No one can tell you more about what it’s like at Southeast Tech than the people who matter the most - our students!  Take a look to see what our students have to say about Southeast Tech!

“Southeast Tech has given me more than a college degree in Business Administration. I have been given real life experience into the world of business that is priceless. I feel confident going out into the job market with the tools that I have learned here.  Faculty members are personable, approachable and are always there to assist me when I need guidance. Southeast Tech has paved a pathway of success for me.  I would highly recommend Southeast Tech to anyone who is interested in post-secondary education!” –Tracey

Southeast Tech is an outstanding school. When I toured Southeast Tech, I knew right when I walked through the doors it was going to be the right college. I am enrolled in the Financial Services program at STI. My favorite part about STI are the instructors and the new friends you meet. The instructors are incredible! They are always there for you at any time if you ever need anything or have questions on an assignment. When you are walking down the hall they know you by name. That proves that they really care about you and they want you to be successful after STI. The small class sizes are a huge benefit as well. You become very close with the people in your class and the instructor. Which is a huge benefit for me as I came from a small private high school. I would recommend STI to everyone out there searching for a college to attend because you get an excellent hands-on education every day at an affordable cost. - Josh


Southeast Tech is an amazing school and has been great to me throughout my two years here. I am double majoring in Civil Engineering Technology and Land Surveying Science Technology and will be graduating with a degree in both. I was a transfer student coming in and the transition was made very easy and painless by the incredible staff that helped me through the entire process. The classes that I have taken have prepared me greatly for the workforce. I’ve had a great time and experience here at Southeast and would recommend the school to anybody out there looking to get their college education! -Dalton


“Southeast Tech is a great school! I love it. I’m in the Early Childhood program and one of the best things is getting the hands-on experience working with the kids, and we get to do that because Southeast Tech has a daycare right on campus. Also, the small classes and how you can build relationships with your instructors is a plus. I would not choose any other school if I had the choice to. I love being a student at Southeast Tech, and I would recommend anyone to come to school here.”  -LaTanya 


“When I knew that I would need to change careers, the first place I looked was Southeast Tech.  I felt confident that I would get a good education at the lowest cost possible.  The staff is very helpful and my experience has been great. The Medical Coding program is opening new doors for me that I never dreamed possible.  My instructor has continued to support me through the application and seeking employment process.  Thank you STI, for helping me strive to do my best and succeed.” -Char


“After getting my Bachelor degree in biology, I wanted to further specialize within the medical field.  I am in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program and am really enjoying it so far.  Technology and anatomy really intrigue me, so ultrasound is a good fit.  We get a great combination of classroom teaching and hands-on learning with the machines.  In addition, Southeast Tech’s tuition is one of the most affordable options I have come across.  You really do get an excellent, challenging education for an affordable cost.” -Krista


“Southeast Tech is an incredible school. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration. As a transfer student, the process was extremely simple and flexible with my credits. Every single class I attended was valuable and the relationships I built with faculty and students are priceless. I value my education at Southeast Tech very highly and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!​” -Tyler


I’m graduating from the Digital Media Production at Southeast Tech, and it’s been an amazing two years. I’ve had a blast with my program, and I feel like my teachers have helped me set a great path for a job in the real world. I was recently talking to a teacher of mine who shared the same opinion of this school’s faculty that I do, “Time flies when you surround yourself with great people who have fun, and a great attitude.” The other staff and students I’ve met have made my college experience great, and have made for some of the best moments of my life. Those have become memories I will cherish forever, thank you Southeast Tech. - Riley