2012-2013 Catalog & Handbook 
    Nov 24, 2020  
2012-2013 Catalog & Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Office

Tuition and Fees Schedule

The tuition fee per credit at Southeast Tech is established by action of the South Dakota State Board of Education and is subject to revision at any time. 

Fees per Credit  
Tuition $99
State Fee $27
Local Fee $43
Division Fees $3-9
Student Government/Activities Fees $2

Students in laptop-required programs purchase their laptops during their first semester, and payments are estimated at $1,251 (PC) or $2,251 (Mac).

Online courses have an additional $50 per credit fee.

Tuition & Fee Payment Due Date

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all policies regarding registration and cancellation as stated in the student catalog. By registering for classes, students are entering into a legal agreement to pay all tuition and fees, including any nonrefundable fees. Students are acknowledging that failure to make the required payment by the due date may result in additional late and installment fees, inability to register for classes, and withholding of transcripts and/or diploma.

Tuition and fees are due in the Business Office each semester according to the Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule that is posted on STInet My Student Account Page and is available at the Business Office Cashier window in the Mickelson Center, Room 204. Adjustments to student accounts are recorded as necessary, due to schedule changes that result from the course add and drop process. At the beginning of each semester the Business Office will post a message to STInet regarding the availability of student statements. Student account information is available online. Statements can be viewed and printed via STInet on the My Account Page. It is the student’s responsibility to check email and STInet on a regular basis. The tuition and fee payment due date is the second Tuesday of each term, with the disbursement of excess financial aid loans and grants following in approximately two weeks.

Term Charges Schedule:

Fall classes - available for viewing on STInet after July 15
Spring classes - available for viewing on STInet after December 1
Summer classes - available for viewing on STInet after April 15

NOTE: Semester tuition and fees are due the second Tuesday of the term or within 48 hours of the date they appear on student accounts, if courses have been added after the semester begins.

It is the student’s responsibility to maintain an accurate billing address with the Student Success office. (Students may change their address on STInet).

Additional monthly statements will show corrections to student account billings and payments received.

NOTE: Financial aid funds are not dispersed until after the add/drop registration period. Students will need to make alternative arrangements to pay for textbooks prior to the aid disbursement date. 

Tuition and Fees Refunds/Excess Payments

Financial Aid Payments to Your Account

Most grants, scholarships and loans are applied directly to student accounts. If financial aid proceeds have not been applied to an account or the amount does not cover 100% of tuition and fees due, the student is responsible to pay the remaining balance within the dates listed in the Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule.

Credit Balance Check Disbursement

A credit balance on a student account is created when excess financial aid remains after all eligible charges on a student’s account are paid in full, or schedule changes result in a change in tuition and fess due, or when an excess payment is made on the account. After the financial aid disbursement date, a credit balance check will be issued weekly and held at the Business Office cashier window, Mickelson Center, Room 204. Students must present a school or state issued form of identification that includes a photograph, prior to receiving a refund check. 

Forms of Payment

The Business Office accepts cash, Visa/Mastercard/Discover credits cards and personal checks for payments on student accounts. Southeast Tech reserves the right to refuse checks from individuals who have written a non-sufficient funds check to the institute.

See third party authorizations below for information about having balances paid by an approved federal or state agency. Employer reimbursements are covered in the third party account section below. 

Returned Checks

A $30 processing fee will be charged for checks returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds (NSF checks). Any penalties assessed on a student’s returned check will be charged directly to the student’s account. When a check is returned for non-sufficient funds, the Business Office reserves the right to require payment by cash, credit card or certified funds. Unpaid NSF checks are forwarded to collections if not paid within 30 days. 

Payment Plan Information

Payment plans are available by using our online program, Cash.net. A $25 fee is assessed each term for payment plan arrangements. A payment plan arrangement will allow students to pay balances over a two or three month period, depending on how early students decide to set up the agreement. Students with a current payment plan, meaning that payments have been received according to the plan agreement, will be allowed to register for future terms.

NOTE: Students failing to make remaining payment plan payments in the current term will be administratively withdrawn from future terms after registering for the next term. Students will be notified in writing of withdrawal due to failure to pay balances due. 

Past Due Accounts

Students are responsible for reviewing account balances and paying balances that are due. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain an accurate billing address with the Student Success Center. (Students may change their address on STInet). Once an account is past due and placed on hold, if an address is incomplete or inaccurate, the student may not receive an account statement and will pay additional late fees and interest if the account is forwarded to collections.

Prompt filing of financial aid documents is the student’s responsibility. Students who do not file promissory notes and qualifying information will not receive financial aid funds in time to pay account balances. Those students will be subject to late fees and interest until loan proceeds are received. Late fees and interest will not be waived for late filings.

Any account that is past due is considered to be in a “Hold” status. Business Office holds will not allow students to receive transcripts, grades or registration material. Students should not ignore financial responsibility. Students unable to pay balances should discuss the reasons with the Financial Aid Office or the Business Office. 

Third Party Account Payments

Organizations that agree to pay any part, or all of a student’s account balance, are considered a Third Party payor on the account. The financial obligation to pay an account remains with the student. Students are responsible for filing the proper paperwork with the Business Office to allow Southeast tech to bill the Third Party payor, on their behalf. Students are also responsible for knowing the terms of their program and any unpaid balance that may remain. The portion of the balance, not covered by the Third Party payor, is due at the time of the Tuition and Fee Payment due date.

As long as the proper paperwork has been filed, and the student has paid any remaining portion of the balance that is not to be paid by the Third Party payor, no additional late fees or interest will accrue on the account. If the Third Party payor denies payment on the account for any reason, the student is financially responsible for the balance and all fees and interest 2013that accrue.

Employee tuition reimbursement plans, where the employer reimburses the student based upon their account billing or grades are not subject to Third Party payor status. The student will need to make arrangements to pay the entire balance by the due date and seek reimbursement according to their employer’s policy. 

Student Account Holds

Account balances that remain after the Tuition and Fee Payment due date are considered past due and will be placed in a “Hold” status. Business Office holds will not allow students to receive transcripts, grade reports or registration material. Students should not ignore financial responsibility. If students are unable to pay account balances, discuss the reasons with the Financial Aid Office or the Business Office. 

Administrative Withdrawal From Future Terms

Students who register for future terms may be administratively withdrawn from a future term if student account balances remain past due at the mid-term point of the current term. Students will be notified in writing of their withdrawal and will have the ability to re-register once their account balance is paid in full. 

Collection Procedures

Students are responsible for all costs necessary in the collection of any amount not paid when due. If students fail to pay account balances on or before the due date, the Business Office will use the following procedure:

Current accounts – time from initial charges added to your account until the fee payment due date. Statements are available via STInet. Account balances that remain after the Tuition and Fee payment due date are considered past due.

30 day accounts – a finance charge and/or a late fee is added to your student account. A Business Office hold is placed on your student accounts.

60 day accounts – additional finance charges and/or late fees are added to student accounts.

90 day accounts – additional finance charges and or/late fees are added to your account and a final notice letter is mailed with the students statement.

After 121 days – past due account balance are forwarded to a collection agency and a letter is sent to the student’s last known address.

Student accounts that are greater than 120 days past due will be subject to immediate referral to a collection agency of Southeast Tech’s choice. An additional fee will be assessed by the collection agency and the collection agency has the authority to report past due balances to national credit bureaus. A negative report on a student’s credit rating may result from a past due balance. This negative report may affect the student’s ability to obtain future credit.

Southeast Tech reserves the right to seek a judgement for any past due balance. A judgement is granted in a court of law and will remain a part of the student’s permanent record. Legal judgements may affect the student’s future financial ability to obtain credit.

The following exceptions apply to the forwarding of accounts to collections:

  • Accounts that have a repayment agreement will not be forwarded to collections as long as payments are received monthly.
  • NSF checks are forwarded to collections if not paid within 30 days.
  • At any time, if a billing statement is returned to Southeast Tech without a forwarding address and no additional address is on file, Southeast Tech will forward the student’s past due balance to collections at the earlier of 60 days past due or the receipt of the student’s returned statement from the post office.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify Southeast Tech of a change in address. Student account balances owed are due on the posted due dates. Student accounts are available online via STInet.

Southeast Tech reserves the right to require pre-payment or proof of financial ability to pay for tuition and fees prior to registration for student account balances that are past due or for students who continually allow their accounts to become past due, resulting in increased collection efforts.

Students who have provided Southeast Tech a notice of bankruptcy or where Southeast Tech has received a bankruptcy judgement on a student account, will be forwarded to an Administrator for a ruling prior to allowing a future term registration. Students may be subject to pre-payment or financial proof of ability to pay financial obligations prior to registration for a future term.