2012-2013 Catalog & Handbook 
    Nov 28, 2023  
2012-2013 Catalog & Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Prerequisite/Corequisite Courses

The satisfactory completion of a prerequisite course, as defined by the curriculum sheet, or departmental approval, is required before the course with the prerequisite may be taken. Satisfactory completion may vary from course to course and among departments. A student auditing a prerequisite course must receive a “Pass” grade and departmental approval before the course with the prerequisite may be taken. An audit grade cannot be used toward graduation requirements. Corequisite courses must be taken at the same time unless approval is obtained from the department. 


Students may enroll on an audit basis in any course except as stated below. Standard tuition and fees apply. The student’s transcript will identify such courses as being audit courses (AU) with no credit awarded. Students must inform the instructor during the first two weeks of class when auditing a course. Audit status is not available in classes involving clinical assignments or laboratories where waiting lists are established. Audited courses do not count toward graduation requirements. 

A student who has previously completed a course successfully but chooses to take the course again as an audit will be required to pay the required tuition fee only. Enrollment in the course is subject to room availability. Students taking the course for a letter grade will receive first priority.

In some situations, Southeast Tech instructors and administration may require a student to audit a class the student successfully completed in the past. This generally occurs when students have discontinued their education for a period of time and need to brush up their skill levels. Financial aid is NOT available for audited classes.

Recommended Additional Program Coursework

Southeast Tech recommends students take additional coursework in job skills in order to better enhance their ability to obtain gainful employment. For students interested in the health program fields, Southeast Tech recommends students take the multidisciplinary health course to further their understanding of health careers and health occupations. Financial Aid restrictions may apply. 

Full-Time Students

A full-time student is someone registered for 12 or more credits during a seventeen-week semester. For summer session, a student must be enrolled in nine or more credits. Southeast Tech recommends that students do not exceed 21 credits for a given semester.

Students wanting to take 22 or more credits must receive approval from an academic administrator.

Full-time credit requirements may vary for students receiving funding from other sources due to each agency’s established policies. 

Part-Time Students

A part-time student is one who is enrolled in less than 12 credits per semester or fewer than seven credits during the summer session. Part-time students seeking a diploma or degree should meet with their faculty advisor for registration. Part-time students wishing to attend classes, but not seeking a diploma or degree, must complete a “Limited Course(s) Registration Form” which is available in the Admissions and Student Success Offices.