2012-2013 Catalog & Handbook 
    Dec 09, 2023  
2012-2013 Catalog & Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services

Student Support

The function of Student Support occurs prior to, during, and after the student enrolls at the institution. These functions include a wide range of services including career development, diagnostic testing, prior learning evaluation for advanced standing, various types of educational placement assessments, admissions, orientation, housing assistance, ongoing support services, advisement, the graduation process, and records management.


Career and Academic Counseling

Because much of a person’s lifetime is spent at work, career satisfaction is very important. Feeling challenged, satisfied, and rewarded in a job can mean that work and personal needs are being met which contributes to one’s sense of well being. Sound career decisions are based upon information and personal choice. Counselors/advisors are ready to assist prospective students with one of life’s most important decisions.

Personal Counseling

Southeast Tech offers professional Mental Health Counseling services to meet the various needs of students on campus. Free Mental Health Assessments and Counseling are available when life’s issues get in the way of personal and/or academic success. There are two counselors available on campus, one located in the Sullivan Health Science Center, Room 200G and one in the Student Success Center in the Mickelson building, Room 252K. Counselors can be contacted via email, phone or walk-ins, and the services provided range from traditional, face-to-face counseling to distance counseling methods (email, chat, telephonic or webcam). Please call 605.367.4821 or 605.367.4450 for additional information.

Please note that students requesting/receiving counseling services need to inform the counselors of any/all legal involvement as a provision of services. Recommendations and reports, as requested by the student, attorneys, and/or court of law are beyond the scope of practice provided by counselors here at Southeast Tech.

Faculty Advisors

Advisement and counseling are shared commitments of faculty advisors and the Student Success staff at Southeast Tech. Each student enrolled in a program is assigned a faculty advisor from the student’s program of study. Students should meet regularly with their advisor to plan their program and review their progress toward attainment of their academic goals.

Student Success Center

The first year at Southeast Tech is filled with many opportunities and choices. The Student Success Center can guide students in making their academic journey a success! Also known as “one stop shop”, the Student Success Center is home to several programs and services that are there to assist students in their transition to post-secondary education. Services include advising, counseling, disability and tutoring services, job placement, housing, library services, student government and student activities, and more! The Student Success Center resources provide a support system to help students navigate to graduation.

Student Success Advisors

All STI students are assigned a Student Success Advisor once they have registered for classes. The Student Success Advisor serves as the student’s institutional-level advisor by helping students navigate institutional as well as personal concerns. Student Success Advisors encourage and support students in completing their courses and program(s) at Southeast Technical Institute.

Student Success Seminar

In addition, all new STI students are required to complete a Student Success Seminar course taught by a Student Success Advisor. The course develops academic success skills (note-taing, reading, study skills, etc.), assists students in connecting with otehr students on campus, and instructs students on what Southeast Tech services are available to them. The course also covers important life and employability skills (time management, communication skills, financial responsibility, etc.) The Student Success Seminar course also shows students how to access required processes and institutional information on the STInet student site. Lastly, STI policies, rules, and procedures are covered it the course.

Note: Students who have successfully completed a minimum of 9 post-secondary credits with a 2.0 or higher GPA at another college or university are not required to take the Student Success Seminar course.


Southeast Tech offers an on-campus housing option through a 52-unit apartment complex adjacent to the Technology Center. The complex houses approximately 200 students in a 4-bedroom apartment setting. Students who would like more information about Southeast Tech Housing should contact the Admissions Office.

Students who wish to live in an off-campus setting are responsible for making their own living arrangements. Southeast Tech does have information to help students find off-campus housing, but does not approve nor recommend any specific off-campus housing facilities for student use.

Students should begin their housing search early to ensure that suitable accommodations can be found. Those students who move to Sioux Falls or the surrounding area in order to attend Southeast Tech are advised to register their new address with the Admissions Office.

Placement Services

The purpose of Southeast Tech is to provide educational experiences to prepare persons for employment. Once these skills are acquired, it is the function of the Career Center Office to assist in the student’s transition from school to work. However, it is the responsibility of the student to commit personal effort in searching for employment opportunities.

The Career Center Office assists students and alumni by informing them of employment opportunities and assisting them in presenting themselves effectively as job candidates.

The Career Center Office also assists employers in finding qualified candidates to meet their employment needs. Each year, numerous representatives from business, industry, health, and government contact the Career Center Office to list full and part-time job openings.

For full or part-time placement assistance, students should contact the Career Center Office located in the Student Success Center in the Mickelson building; direct number is 605.367.4819.

Tutoring Services

Southeast Tech offers free tutoring for most Southeast Tech classes. The service is designed to give individualized attention to students who want to improve in their coursework. The Southeast Tech tutoring program is a peer-to-peer tutoring program and uses top notch Southeast Tech students as tutors.

Students can access tutoring by completing a tutor request form or simply check the tutor schedule on STInet to see when walk-in tutoring sessions are being held. For more information about tutoring, please call 605-367-5691.

Adult Learning Center

The Adult Learning Center offers free individualized instruction and teacher-directed classes in basic reading, math, and writing skills, GED, and academic preparation for entry into vocational/technical training programs. Contact the Adult Learning Center for specific course information at 605.367.7997.

Disability Services

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for certain classroom accommodations. Disabilities may include hearing, visual, physical, psychological and learning impairments. Accommodations may include additional testing time, private testing rooms, readers, note takers, interpreters, and taped/digital texts. Students must provide the Disability Services Coordinator with recent written documentation of a disability before qualifying for services. Contact the Disability Services Coordinator at 605.367.4450 for further information.