2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 15, 2024  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education


General Education Mission and Philosophy

The mission of the General Education program at Southeast Tech is to complement the technical programs by providing courses which broaden knowledge, skills, and attitudes for workforce and personal success.  General education courses help students integrate technical knowledge with problem solving, critical thinking, professionalism, and communication skills.

The General Education Program Learning Outcomes are as follows:

  1. Use technology to access, organize, communicate, and evaluate information.
  2. Design an approach to answer questions or achieve a desired goal. 
  3. Evaluate issues, ideas, artifacts, or events before forming a conclusion.
  4. Implement effective collaboration techniques to produce effective results within a team.
  5. Demonstrate ethical behavior that exhibits value for a community. 
  6. Communicate for understanding through listening, speaking, and writing.

Assessment of general education learning outcomes is accomplished through multiple strategies including course projects, presentations, portfolios, and examinations.

General Education Core Curriculum

Each associate of applied science degree program must include a minimum of 15 credit hours of general education courses from a minimum of four categories.  Each diploma program is required to have 9 credit hours of general education courses.

Programs may have specific course and credit requirements for graduation.  Consult the course catalog for program-specific information.

COMMUNICATIONS                                 CREDITS
CMST 100: Interpersonal Communication                               3
CMST 101: Fundamentals of Speech   3
ENGL 100: Communications in the Workplace   3
ENGL 101: Composition   3
ENGL 201: Technical Writing   3
CSC 105: Introduction to Computers   3
SPAN 103: Conversational Spanish I   3
MATH 100: College Math   3
MATH 101: Introductory Algebra   4
MATH 103: Mathematical Reasoning   4
MATH 114: College Algebra   3
MATH 116: Algebra and Trigonometry   5
MATH 120: Trigonometry   3
BIOL 101: Introductory Biology I   4
CHEM 106: Chemistry Survey   4
EMT 105: Emergency Medical Tech Basic   3
ENV 101: Environmental Science   3
HC 110: Basic Anatomy and Physiology    3
HC 118: Applied Anatomy and Physiology   4
PHYS 100: Applied Physics   3
VET 118: Vet Anatomy and Physiology I   4
VET 119: Vet Anatomy and Physiology II   3
ECON 201: Microeconomics   3
ECON 202: Macroeconomics   3
PSYC 100: Psychology in the Workplace    3
PSYC 101: General Psychology   3
PSYC 102: Applied Social Psychology   3
SOC 101: Sociology of Mental Health   3
SOC 107: Multiculturalism   3
SOC 150: Social Problems   3
SOC 250: Courtship and Marriage   3

Southeast Tech also offers certificate programs.  These programs generally consist of less than 18 credits and may not require general education coursework.

General Education Math/English Placement Tables

2022-2023 Math Placement Table   

2022-2023 English Placement Table    

General Education Courses transferrable to the SD Board of Regents Universities

The South Dakota boards of Technical Education (BOTE) and Regents (BOR) have collaborated to offer students a seamless transition of general education credits between Southeast Technical College and Board of Regents schools. General education courses provide a knowledge base and set the foundation for lifelong learning.

Students that have completed transferrable courses under this agreement will not need to repeat courses or lose credit if they choose to further pursue a bachelor’s degree at a BOR institution. View transferrable courses