2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Support Services

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Student Support Services

The function of Student Support Services occurs prior to, during, and after the student enrolls at Southeast Tech. These functions include a wide range of services including career development, diagnostic testing, various types of educational placement assessments, admissions, orientation, housing assistance, advisement, the graduation process, job search and placement, and records management.


Choosing a career and meeting life’s challenges can be difficult.  To help students meet these challenges, Southeast Tech provides both Career/Academic and Personal Counseling services.

Career and Academic Counseling

Because much of a person’s lifetime is spent at work, career satisfaction is very important. Feeling challenged, satisfied, and rewarded in a job can mean that work and personal needs are being met which contributes to one’s sense of well being. Sound career decisions are based upon information and personal choice. Counselors/advisors are ready to assist prospective students with one of life’s most important decisions.

Personal Counseling

Southeast Tech offers professional Mental Health Counseling services to meet the various needs of students on campus. Free Mental Health Assessments and Counseling are available when life’s issues get in the way of personal and/or academic success. The  counselor is based in the Sullivan Health Science Center, Room 200G and one in the Mickelson Center, Room 122. The counselor can be contacted via email, phone or walk-ins, and the services provided range from traditional, face-to-face counseling to distance counseling methods (email and telephonic). Please call 605-367-7466 for additional information.

Note: Students requesting/receiving counseling services need to inform the counselors of any/all legal involvement as a provision of services. Recommendations and reports, as requested by the student, attorneys, and/or court of law are beyond the scope of practice provided by counselors here at Southeast Tech.

Southeast Tech Student Advisors

At Southeast Tech students have two advisors: Academic Program Advisors and Student Success Advisors.  The two advisors work together to assist students in meeting their educational goals.

Academic Program Advisors

Each student enrolled in a program is assigned a faculty Academic Program Advisor from the student’s program of study. Students should meet regularly with their Academic Program Advisor to plan their program and review their progress toward the attainment of their academic goals.

Student Success Advisors

All Southeast Tech students are assigned a Student Success Advisor once they have registered for classes. The Student Success Advisor serves as the student’s institutional-level advisor by helping students navigate institutional as well as personal concerns. Student Success Advisors encourage and support students in completing their courses and program(s) at Southeast Technical College.   

Student Success Center

A student’s first year at Southeast Tech is filled with many opportunities and choices. The Student Success Center can guide students in making their academic journey a success! Also known as a “one-stop-shop”, the Student Success Center is home to several programs and services to assist students in their transition to post-secondary education. Services include advising, counseling, accessibility services, tutoring services, job placement, library services, student government and student activities, and more! The Student Success Center resources provide a support system to help students navigate to graduation.

Student Success Seminar

All new Southeast Tech students are required to successfully complete a Student Success Seminar course taught by a Student Success Advisor. The course develops academic success skills (note-taking, reading, study skills, etc.), assists students in connecting with other students on campus, and introduces students to what Southeast Tech services are available for them. The course also covers important life and employability skills (time management, communication skills, financial responsibility, etc.) and shows students how to access required processes and institutional information on myTech. Lastly, Southeast Tech policies, rules, and procedures are covered in the course.

Note: Students who have successfully completed a minimum of 9 post-secondary credits with a 2.0 or higher GPA at another college or university are not required to take the Student Success Seminar course.  However, all students entering Southeast Tech directly from high school are required to take the seminar course regardless of post-secondary course completion.

Southeast Tech Cares Referral System

Southeast Tech cares about your success inside and outside of the classroom.  We understand how closely the two are connected. Additionally, we know that there are many things that can obstruct your path to successful degree completion.

To help you navigate those obstacles we utilize an early alert system – Southeast Tech Cares. Cares is a system that allows faculty and staff to better communicate with each other when students might need some additional assistance.  When a Southeast Tech faculty or staff person has concerns about a student, they can submit a referral which quickly gets routed to the appropriate personnel to assist that student.

What is a Care referral?

A Care referral is a message, or early alert, sent by faculty and staff through the referral system to the retention team in Student Success.  Referrals alert the appropriate staff member of concerns that might be hindering a student’s success.  Our goal is to connect students to the right resources in a timely manner.  Follow-up is assigned to the student’s Success or program advisor who works with the student to connect them to appropriate resources and develop a game plan to be successful. 

When are referrals submitted?

Here are just a few of the referral types submitted by faculty and staff:

  • Poor attendance or missing a class without notice
  • Missing assignments or exams
  • Poor performance on an assignment or exam
  • Issue with classroom or textbook technology
  • Changes in behavior
  • Other academic or personal obstacles that might be interfering with a student’s success


Southeast Tech offers an on-campus housing option for full-time students through an apartment complex adjacent to the Technology Center. The 52-unit complex houses 202 students in a 4-bedroom apartment setting. Students who would like more information about Southeast Tech Housing can contact housing staff at 605-367-5769, e-mail housing@southeasttech.edu, or visit Southeast Tech’s Housing’s website at https://www.southeasttech.edu/student-life/housing/index.php

Students who wish to live in an off-campus setting are responsible for making their own living arrangements. Southeast Tech does have information to help students find off-campus housing but does not approve nor recommend any specific off-campus housing facilities for student use.

Students should begin their housing search early to ensure that suitable accommodations can be found. Those students who move to Sioux Falls or the surrounding area in order to attend Southeast Tech are advised to register their new address with the Admissions Office.

Southeast Tech Library Resource Center

Located in Mickelson Center as part of the Student Success Center, the Southeast Tech Library is available for classroom research and study. There are two computers available for student use.

The Southeast Tech Library Resource Center collection places emphasis not only on program-related materials, but also supports recreational reading, an OverDrive Digital Library, current periodicals, and online databases. The library supports the “Technology Resources Policy” and any consequences resulting from infractions of the policy as it relates to the library computers.

Students may use their Southeast Tech identification card to check out materials from the University of Sioux Falls, Augustana College, Wegner Health Science Information Center, Avera McKennan Hospital Library, North American Baptist Seminary, and all Siouxland Public Libraries.

Career Center Services

The mission of Southeast Tech is to provide educational experiences to prepare persons for employment. Once these skills are acquired, it is the function of the Career Center Office to assist in the student’s transition from school to work. However, it is the responsibility of the student to commit personal effort in searching for employment opportunities.

The Career Center Office assists students and alumni by informing them of employment opportunities and assisting them in presenting themselves effectively as job candidates.

The Career Center Office also assists employers in finding qualified candidates to meet their employment needs. Each year, numerous representatives from business, industry, health, and government contact the Career Center Office to list full and part-time job openings.

For full or part-time placement assistance, students should contact the Career Center Office located in the Student Success Center in the Mickelson building or email studentjobs@southeasttech.edu.

Academic Resource Center

Southeast Tech’s Walk-In Tutoring Service offers free tutoring.  The service is designed to give individualized attention to students who want to improve their coursework. Southeast Tech’s tutoring program is a peer-to-peer tutoring program and uses top-notch students as tutors.  No appointments are necessary– just stop by and pick up a tutor schedule or check myTech to see when the next tutoring session is being held.   The Academic Resource Center is located in the Technology building, room 103.  

Southeast Tech also provides 10 hours of free online tutoring for students who cannot come to campus or wish to have access to tutors from their home. Students can connect to live tutors from any computer that has internet access. No special software installation or equipment is required. 

For more information about Walk-In Tutoring or NetTutor, our online tutoring service, please call 605-367-5691 or locate the information on myTech under Student Support Services & Activities.

Adult Education and Literacy/AEL Services

The Hovland Learning Center offers free, individualized instruction and teacher-directed classes for GED preparation, English Language Acquisition and basic skill development in reading, math and English.  The Apire2Tech division of the AEL program offers tuition-free courses focused on sector-specific terminology, processes and safety practices through instruction developed to improve reading, writing and math skills.  Courses currently offered through Aspire2Tech are: Introduction to Business, Introduction to General Industry Safety, Introduction to Childcare, and Introduction to Healthcare.  These classes are not credit-bearing.  Contact the Hovland Learning Center at 605-367-7997 for more information.

Accessibility Services

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for certain classroom accommodations. Disabilities may include hearing, visual, physical, psychological, and learning impairments. Accommodations may include additional testing time, private testing rooms, readers, note takers, interpreters, and taped/digital texts. Students must provide the Accessibility Services Coordinator with recently written documentation of a disability before qualifying for services. Contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator at access@southeasttech.edu 605-367-6110 for more information.

Childcare Facility

Southeast Tech operates a childcare facility located on campus. The Scarbrough Center (SC) is a state-licensed childcare facility able to care for 84 children between the ages of 4 weeks to 8 years. This quality care is available at a reasonable fee and promotes the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of the child. Activities are based on the child’s interests and development level. The SC is staffed with well-educated and trained individuals that follow developmentally appropriate practice. All staff have been cleared through various agencies before they are employed at the SC.  The SC also contracts with the Sioux Falls School District’s Child Nutrition Program to provide nutritional snacks and meals.

The SC was originally built in 1991, but during the summer of 2009 it was completely remodeled and currently incorporates an indoor environment that inspires all who enter. Both children and adults enjoy the nature inspired beauty within and also notice the well-organized areas and the furnishings that define the space in each classroom. Each area includes authentic items, and since literacy is a strong component of our program, books are available in each area specific to that part of the classroom.   The center also believes in child process creations and displays these in a way that shows respect for their work.

Not only is the SC’s indoor environment inspiring, but we continue this environment outside with our Outdoor Nature Playground. Children have daily access to this fenced-in playground which continues the same curriculum areas outside as indoors: Large Motor, Sand, Water Play, Building, Music (including a large stage), Books, and of course, a Garden. Even our youngest children have their own toddler playground where they can experience the outdoors in a safe but enjoyable manner. Currently, the SC is the only Certified Nature Explore Classroom in South Dakota.  This honor recognizes SC’s commitment to connecting children with nature.  A tour of this inspiring indoor environment and outdoor nature playground is always encouraged before parents make any decisions.

The Scarbrough Center is open for childcare from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday and is closed for holidays. Enrollment is limited to Southeast Tech students and Southeast Tech and Sioux Falls School District employees. For information regarding fees and openings or to set up a tour, contact the Scarbrough Center at 605-367-8444. 

Campus Bookstore

Located in Mickelson Center, the Southeast Tech Bookstore carries all required course materials including textbooks, course kits, tools, and uniforms along with a wide arrangement of supplies and electronics.  Textbook options include New, Used, Rentals, and eBooks. Course materials can be purchased in-store or online at https://bookstore.southeasttech.com/. In-store Pick up options are available through the online webstore.  

The Bookstore also has a wide assortment of Southeast Tech gear along with fresh coffee, snacks and drinks to get you through your day. Additional Apparel and Gear is available at https://southeasttechbookstore.merchorders.com/

Textbook Charges

  1. Eligibility: Students who have completed all of the required financial aid paperwork and will receive their financial aid on or before the financial aid disbursement day, will be eligible to use the amount of financial aid that exceeds their tuition and fees total to charge the cost of textbooks and course required supplies to a student account at the Southeast Tech Bookstore. The individual students’ charge limit will not exceed the amount of excess financial aid available.
  2. Charge Period: Bookstore charge accounts will be available beginning two weeks before the start of each semester and the ability to charge will continue until the end of the course add period.
  3. Returns: Returns will be allowed for Textbooks only as per the Bookstore Return Policy.  Refer to Bookstore or Webstore for details.  Returns will be credited back to student accounts.  
  4. Charge Account Payment Due Dates: Student charge balances and available charge limits may be updated daily between the Bookstore and the Business Office. All Bookstore charges will be automatically deducted from the excess financial aid balance prior to the disbursement of financial aid. Changes in student schedules may affect the Bookstore charge account limit. Reducing the number of credits may reduce the amount of financial aid available. If the Bookstore charge balance exceeds the amount of financial aid available, the amount of the over-charge is due in the Business Office on fee payment day. If a student adds or drops courses during the first two weeks of classes, it is the student’s responsibility to verify that there are enough funds to cover the student’s account balance.
  5. Complete Withdrawal: Students who withdraw completely prior to financial aid disbursement will be subject to the collection policy of the Business Office. Account balances will be due immediately and subject to referral to a collection agency.

Course Materials, Kits/Supplies, Tools, and Uniform Purchases/Returns/Buyback Information

  • Students may purchase all course materials (textbooks, access codes, eBooks), supplies, and tools in person at the bookstore through the new contactless counter service or through the bookstore website: https://bookstore.southeasttech.com/
  • Student Schedules will be available at the bookstore.  We will pull the books for you so you can ensure you get the correct course materials. 
  • Digital Content for eBook purchases in store will be located directly on your receipt. 
  • In-Store Pick up options are available for all online webstore textbook purchases. 
  • Digital content including eBooks is available for direct access following online purchase.
  • Access Codes bundled with books will be included with your order. 
  • The on-campus store accepts all Credit/Debit cards, Cash, Southeast Tech One Card, Bookstore Gift Cards, and all contactless payment solutions.  Personal Checks are not accepted.  The online webstore accepts all forms of credit card payments. 
  • Third Party Agency Charging is available only through authorizations sent directly to the Business Office for SD Vocational Rehab, Veteran’s Affairs, WIOA, and any other qualifying agencies. 
  • Build Dakota Students will be informed of ordering and pick-up instructions. 
  • Textbook returns are only allowed during the purchase period for each semester.  Refer to the Bookstore website for return details and dates:  https://bookstore.southeasttech.com/
  • Tool purchases can be made in-store or online.  We will not ship out online tool orders as those will be available for pick up only.  Payment is required at time of tool purchase.  Tools are not eligible for returns. 
  • TEAS manuals are available for purchase and DO NOT qualify for any type of returns.  
  • Uniforms for qualifying programs must be purchased online through the uniform shop: https://southeasttechbookstore.mybrightsites.com/.  Refer to the Exchange Policy on the website.  Excess Financial Aid is available for qualified uniform purchases at the beginning of each semester.  Refer to website for details. 
  • Textbook Buyback- In-Store and Online buyback will be available throughout the entire year during normal store hours.  End of Term Buyback events will be held at the end of each term.  Dates and times will be communicated for those events.  Check the bookstore website for details on buyback events and general information. 

IT Support Center

The Southeast Tech IT Support Center provides on-site technical support to all students and hardware support to students who have a Southeast Tech laptop. Not all students are required to purchase a Southeast Tech laptop. Be sure to check out the Technology Requirements for your program. If you need help from the IT Support Center, you can call, stop by, or log in to TASKS using your Southeast Tech email address and password to request assistance.

Corporate Education

Corporate Education provides skills enhancement and workforce development opportunities for companies and individuals in the Sioux Falls region.

Training can be offered by departments including:

  • Computer Information Technology
  • Construction & Transportation
  • Corporate and Small Business
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing & Industrial

An ongoing program such as Commercial Driving is offered as an alternative educational solution for individuals interested in these career options.

Employers and employees are supported through training programs in computer applications, leadership and supervision, industrial safety, manufacturing technology and communication. Training programs are also offered on a customized basis with content, duration and location being tailored to the needs of the company or organization.

Corporate Education works with many companies in the region to provide training and enhance workforce development efforts and has the resources and capabilities to develop and deliver training that will increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

For more information, visit https://www.southeasttech.edu/programs/corporate-education/index.php.