2013-2014 Catalog & Handbook 
    Jan 23, 2020  
2013-2014 Catalog & Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Licensed Practical Nursing, (Evening) Diploma

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Southeast Tech’s LPN evening/weekend diploma program offers all of the required LPN coursework during the evenings and on Saturdays to accommodate those who have busy lives during the weekdays. The evening/weekend program takes less than two years to complete! This program is a part-time program, and it does run through the summers. If you are interested in becoming an LPN, but can’t take courses during the weekday, the LPN evening/weekend program might be a great option for you!

Background checks and drug screenings are required for this program.

  • Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) (You can either purchase a laptop on your own or purchase one from the STI Support Center. Estimated 750.00 for laptop.)

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a Diploma in Licensed Practical Nursing, a student will be able to:

Science & Technology

  •  Recognize and understand anatomy and physiology of the human body.
  •  Demonstrate competency with use of equipment appropriate within the scope of practice of licensed practical nurses.
  •  Calculate and measure for precise medication administration within the scope of practice of licensed practical nurses.

Problem Solving/Critical Thinking

  •  Demonstrate understanding of the steps of the nursing process, including assessment, recognition, planning, implementation, and evaluation of patient care.
  •  Comprehend the legal and ethical issues within the scope of practice for the licensed practical nurse.
  •  Appropriately adapt critical thinking skills within various patient care settings.


  •  Exhibit strong work ethic, attendance, self-esteem, integrity, honesty, sociability and interpersonal skills.
  •  Network with coworkers, support staff and physicians.
  •  Encourage involvement on committees through student organizations.
  •  Treat patients with dignity, respect and compassion.
  •  Respect diversity in other cultures.


  •  Communicate in a professional manner.
  •  Follow verbal and written instructions.
  •  Communicate delicate information to patients and family in an empathetic and confidential manner.
  •  Accurately and clearly document in written format.

Program Curriculum - Total Credits: 53

General Education Courses

Spring Semester

Satisfactory completion of the above classes is required to take the following:

Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Second 1/2 of the semester

Satisfactory completion of the above classes is required to take the following:

Additional Information

Incoming students are required to show current proof of certification in Basic Life Support (CPR) for Health Care Providers through the American Heart Association.

Requirements: Achievement of a “C” or higher for all LPN & HC courses.

Students entering a program in any semester other than outlined may not graduate in the expected amount of time.

Estimated total program fees

Tuition $5,512
Fees $4,717
Books & Supplies $2,050
Physical and Immunizations $ 100
Licensure Fees $ 350
Background Check & Drug Screen $ 110
Other $ 325
TOTAL $13,164

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