2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Dec 03, 2020  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog

Business: Agribusiness Emphasis, AAS

Upon completion of an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Administration: Agribusiness Emphasis, a student will be able to:

Science and Technology
  • Explore the dynamics and functions of crop production and systems in the Midwest, including plant morphology and metabolism, crop growth and development.
  • Understand the impact of economics, marketing, selling, management, globalization and diversity in modern agriculture organizations.
  • Compare and contrast normal and abnormal animal behavior to assist in identifying and treating livestock and/or illness.
  • Analyze and locate information relating to soil types, soil tests, topography and yield monitor information.
Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
  • Analyze agricultural data and draw appropriate statistical conclusions.
  • Recognize and examine the relationships between inputs and outputs in the agricultural field for making effective and profitable decisions that enhance the success of an agricultural business.
  • Understand and analyze the current events, issues and decision making that occurs in the agriculture.
  • Exhibit professional and ethical behaviors.
  • Understand the impact of farming and ranching practices on the environment and natural resources when preparing an ecosystem-based conservation plan.
  • Interpret and communicate using technical, agricultural, and business terms.
  • Demonstrate professional writing skills.
  • Demonstrate professional oral skills.